Workers Compensation LCMs


CompanyInsurance GroupCoCodeEffective DateWritten PremiumMarket ShareLCM
New Mexico Mut Cas CoNew Mexico Mutual Group406271/1/201420,5327.48%1.331
New Mexico Security Ins CoNew Mexico Mutual Group153491/1/201411,8564.32%1.435
New Mexico Employers Assur CoNew Mexico Mutual Group136741/1/201411,2994.11%1.525
New Mexico Assur CoNew Mexico Mutual Group136731/1/201411,1804.07%1.230
New Mexico Foundation Ins CoNew Mexico Mutual Group230511/1/201410,9473.99%2.229
New Mexico Safety Cas CoNew Mexico Mutual Group153511/1/201410,7673.92%1.950
New Mexico SW Cas CoNew Mexico Mutual Group102071/1/201410,2893.75%1.675
Zurich Amer Ins CoZurich Insurance Group165351/1/20198,9843.27%1.316
New Mexico Business Ins Co159951/1/20185,9752.18%1.775
New Mexico Premier Ins CoNew Mexico Mutual Group136751/1/20145,9652.17%1.156
Argonaut Ins Co198017/1/20175,7472.09%1.695
Phoenix Ins CoTravelers Group256231/1/20175,4751.99%1.144
Mountain States Ind CoMountain States Insurance Group101771/1/20195,1311.87%1.600
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group230351/1/20194,7521.73%1.450
Liberty Ins CorpLiberty Mutual Group424041/1/20194,2531.55%1.150
Zurich Amer Ins Co Of ILZurich Insurance Group278551/1/20194,1341.51%1.579
Travelers Ind Co Of CTTravelers Group256821/1/20173,8601.41%2.145
Travelers Cas Ins Co Of AmerTravelers Group190461/1/20173,3611.22%1.287
National Amer Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co236636/1/20153,2541.19%1.200
New Hampshire Ins CoAmerican International Group238411/1/20183,1421.14%1.424
Twin City Fire Ins Co CoHartford Fire and Casualty Group294591/1/20193,0541.11%1.764
Berkley Natl Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group389118/1/20173,0441.11%1.080
Starr Ind & Liab CoStarr Group3831810/1/20183,0091.10%1.510
Travelers Ind CoTravelers Group256581/1/20172,8361.03%1.430
Trumbull Ins CoHartford Fire and Casualty Group271201/1/20192,8191.03%1.041
Ohio Security Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group240822/1/20192,7240.99%1.516
Acuity A Mut Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co141841/1/20192,6540.97%1.403
Hartford Ins Co Of The MidwestHartford Fire and Casualty Group374781/1/20192,5440.93%1.429
Federated Mut Ins CoFederated Mutual Group139354/1/20182,4990.91%1.675
Indemnity Ins Co Of North AmerAce Insurance Group435751/1/20192,3830.87%1.024
Farm Bureau Prop & Cas Ins CoIowa Farm Bureau Group137733/1/20192,2680.83%1.548
Ace Amer Ins CoAce Insurance Group226671/1/20192,2410.82%1.365
Travelers Prop Cas Co Of AmerTravelers Group256741/1/20192,2240.81%2.431
Hartford Cas Ins CoHartford Fire and Casualty Group294241/1/20192,0120.73%1.940
Benchmark Ins Co413941/1/20191,9410.71%2.685
Travelers Cas & Surety CoTravelers Group190381/1/20171,8710.68%1.716
Mid Century Ins CoFarmers Insurance Group216876/1/20191,8560.68%1.746
Chubb Ind Ins CoChubb Group127771/1/20191,8490.67%1.421
Hartford Fire Ins CoHartford Fire and Casualty Group196821/1/20191,7020.62%1.588
Hartford Underwriters Ins CoHartford Fire and Casualty Group301041/1/20191,6490.60%2.117
American Zurich Ins CoZurich Insurance Group401421/1/20191,5840.58%0.921
Imperium Ins CoHouston International Insurance Group354088/1/20121,5260.56%1.300
Argonaut Midwest Ins Co198287/1/20171,5250.56%1.376
Charter Oak Fire Ins CoTravelers Group256151/1/20171,3990.51%1.573
Arch Ins CoArch Insurance Group111508/1/20141,3850.50%1.733
BITCO Gen Ins CorpOld Republic Group200953/1/20101,3290.48%1.403
Farmington Cas CoTravelers Group414831/1/20171,2970.47%0.858
Travelers Ind Co Of AmerTravelers Group256661/1/20171,2800.47%1.859
Old Republic Ins CoOld Republic Group241471/1/20151,2040.44%1.460
State Farm Fire & Cas CoState Farm Insurance Companies251431/1/20151,1620.42%1.343
Federal Ins CoChubb Group202811/1/20191,1540.42%1.776
Hartford Accident & Ind CoHartford Fire and Casualty Group223571/1/20191,1540.42%1.164
Wesco Ins CoAmTrust NGH Group2501111/1/20151,1520.42%1.800
National Fire Ins Co Of HartfordCNA Insurance Group204785/1/20181,1360.41%1.450
Accident Fund Ins Co of AmerBCBS of MI Group101663/1/20091,0830.39%1.600
Truck Ins ExchFarmers Insurance Group217096/1/20191,0760.39%2.257
Standard Fire Ins CoTravelers Group190701/1/20171,0740.39%1.001
New Mexico Commercial Ins CoNew Mexico Mutual Group1599610/1/20161,0480.38%1.000
Continental Cas CoCNA Insurance Group204435/1/20181,0470.38%1.885
Everest Natl Ins CoEverest Reinsurance Holdings Group101206/1/20121,0420.38%1.468
Granite State Ins CoAmerican International Group238091/1/20181,0220.37%2.155
Zenith Ins CoFairfax Financial Group132694/1/20111,0210.37%1.492
Farmers Ins ExchFarmers Insurance Group216526/1/20191,0160.37%2.477
Continental Ins CoCNA Insurance Group352895/1/20181,0120.37%0.870
Employers Preferred Ins CoEmployers Holdings Group103461/1/20199720.35%1.150
American Cas Co Of Reading PACNA Insurance Group204275/1/20189670.35%1.015
Protective Ins CoBaldwin & Lyons Group124161/1/20189670.35%1.742
Valley Forge Ins CoCNA Insurance Group205085/1/20189420.34%1.233
Insurance Co Of The State Of PAAmerican International Group194291/1/20189250.34%1.724
Employers Ins Co of WausauLiberty Mutual Group214581/1/20199220.34%2.250
Church Mut Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co187671/1/20199150.33%1.567
Great Divide Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group252241/1/20189130.33%1.320
Berkley Regional Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group295808/1/20179120.33%1.870
Redwood Fire & Cas Ins CoBerkshire Hathaway Group1167312/1/20148720.32%1.970
Praetorian Ins CoQBE Insurance Group372573/1/20188520.31%1.700
Markel Ins CoMarkel Corporation Group389704/1/20168500.31%1.600
Markel Amer Ins CoMarkel Corporation Group289321/1/20178330.30%1.250
Milford Cas Ins CoAmTrust NGH Group2666211/1/20158160.30%1.550
Employers Assur CoEmployers Holdings Group254021/1/20198050.29%1.250
Safety Natl Cas CorpTokio Marine Holdings Inc Group151051/1/20087790.28%1.270
LM Ins CorpLiberty Mutual Group336001/1/20197640.28%0.850
West Amer Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group443932/1/20197590.28%2.063
Western Agric Ins CoIowa Farm Bureau Group278713/1/20197430.27%2.167
Technology Ins Co IncAmTrust NGH Group4237611/1/20157370.27%1.200
Vanliner Ins CoAmerican Financial Group211721/1/20097350.27%1.502
Brotherhood Mut Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co135281/1/20187130.26%1.406
Transportation Ins CoCNA Insurance Group204945/1/20187090.26%1.668
XL Specialty Ins CoXL American Group378851/1/20107030.26%1.350
Employers Mut Cas CoEMC Insurance Group214151/1/20176930.25%1.440
Property & Cas Ins Co Of HartfordHartford Fire and Casualty Group346901/1/20196730.25%1.288
Ohio Cas Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group240742/1/20196470.24%2.632
Commerce & Industry Ins CoAmerican International Group194101/1/20186420.23%1.983
Sentinel Ins Co LtdHartford Fire and Casualty Group110001/1/20196250.23%0.935
Accident Fund Gen Ins CoBCBS of MI Group123043/1/20096120.22%2.000
Firstcomp Ins CoMarkel Corporation Group276264/1/20166050.22%1.100
Great West Cas CoOld Republic Group113711/1/20186040.22%1.871
AmTrust Ins Co of KS IncAmTrust NGH Group1595411/1/20155970.22%1.350
Nationwide Agribusiness Ins CoNationwide Group282236/1/20195910.22%1.967
Advantage Workers Comp Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co405171/1/20095840.21%1.460
Acadia Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group313251/1/20195690.21%1.440
Colorado Cas Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group417852/1/20095580.20%1.550
Amco Ins CoNationwide Group191001/1/20195560.20%1.600
Pacific Ind CoChubb Group203461/1/20195460.20%1.332
First Liberty Ins CorpLiberty Mutual Group335881/1/20195240.19%1.800
Union Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group258441/1/20194960.18%1.800
Continental Western Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group108041/1/20194890.18%2.250
Norguard Ins CoBerkshire Hathaway Group314702/1/20164740.17%1.510
American Mining Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group159115/1/20144500.16%1.470
American Guar & Liab InsZurich Insurance Group262471/1/20194270.16%1.119
QBE Ins CorpQBE Insurance Group392173/1/20184210.15%2.040
New York Marine & Gen Ins CoProSight Group1660812/10/20104200.15%1.449
Security Natl Ins CoAmTrust NGH Group1987911/1/20154140.15%1.050
AIG Assur CoAmerican International Group402581/1/20184060.15%1.293
Pharmacists Mut Ins CoPharmacists Mutual Group137141/1/20194030.15%1.450
Old Republic Gen Ins CorpOld Republic Group241394/1/20104030.15%1.300
Manufacturers Alliance Ins CoOld Republic Group368974/1/20173930.14%1.580
The Cincinnati Ind CoCincinnati Financial Group232804/1/20183820.14%1.682
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Assoc InsOld Republic Group122624/1/20173800.14%1.374
United States Fire Ins CoFairfax Financial Group211133/1/20173720.14%1.410
Hanover Ins CoThe Hanover Insurance Group2229210/1/20153700.13%1.506
Continental Ind CoBerkshire Hathaway Group282581/1/20113700.13%1.456
American Natl Prop & Cas CoAmerican National Financial Group284013/1/20193660.13%1.350
American Fire & Cas CoLiberty Mutual Group240662/1/20193540.13%1.288
StarStone Natl Ins CoEnstar Group254968/7/20143470.13%1.607
Amerisure Mut Ins CoAmerisure Corporation Group233964/1/20083420.12%1.285
The Cincinnati Cas CoCincinnati Financial Group286654/1/20183330.12%1.462
Sagamore Ins Co404601/1/20183320.12%1.342
State Natl Ins Co IncState National Group128315/20/20093290.12%1.429
National Cas CoNationwide Group119916/1/20193190.12%1.495
Federated Serv Ins CoFederated Mutual Group283044/1/20183110.11%1.508
Electric Ins CoElectric Insurance Group212617/1/20082940.11%1.100
Atlantic Specialty Ins CoWhite Mountains Group271544/1/20112930.11%1.160
National Liab & Fire Ins CoBerkshire Hathaway Group200525/15/20162530.09%1.620
Rockwood Cas Ins CoArgonaut Group355051/21/20112410.09%1.460
American States Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group197044/1/20132280.08%1.400
North Pointe Ins CoQBE Insurance Group277403/1/20182270.08%1.505
XL Ins Amer IncXL American Group245541/1/20102170.08%1.080
Firemens Ins Co Of Washington DCWR Berkley Corporation Group217841/1/20192010.07%1.150
Great Amer Alliance Ins CoAmerican Financial Group268321/1/20191990.07%1.180
National Interstate Ins CoAmerican Financial Group326201/1/20081960.07%1.495
Sentry Cas CoSentry Insurance Group284601/1/20121960.07%1.247
Amguard Ins CoBerkshire Hathaway Group423902/1/20161860.07%1.400
Sentry Ins A Mut CoSentry Insurance Group249884/1/20161860.07%1.574
Great Amer Assur CoAmerican Financial Group263441/1/20191780.06%1.760
Nova Cas CoThe Hanover Insurance Group425521/1/20181640.06%1.600
Westfield Ins CoWestfield Group241126/1/20181620.06%1.481
Vigilant Ins CoChubb Group203971/1/20191530.06%1.776
Insurance Co Of The WestAmerican Assets Group278471/1/20171480.05%1.450
The Cincinnati Ins CoCincinnati Financial Group106774/1/20181470.05%1.298
Mountain States Commercial Ins CoMountain States Insurance Group157261/1/20191460.05%1.300
Sompo Japan Ins Co of AmerSompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings Inc Group111267/1/20171450.05%1.373
Star Ins CoMeadowbrook Insurance Group180234/1/20101430.05%1.480
Rural Trust Ins Co11134N/A1380.05%N/A
Accident Fund Natl Ins CoBCBS of MI Group123053/1/20091310.05%1.200
Nationwide Mut Ins CoNationwide Group237871/1/20191280.05%1.905
ACIG Ins CoAmerican Contractors Insurance Group199841/1/20171260.05%1.280
Safety First Ins CoTokio Marine Holdings Inc Group111231/1/20081240.05%1.400
Guideone Mut Ins CoGuideone Insurance Group150321/1/20101230.04%1.438
Carolina Cas Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group105107/1/20131170.04%1.848
Central Mut Ins CoCentral Mutual Insurance Company Group202304/1/20191170.04%1.532
Allmerica Fin Benefit Ins CoThe Hanover Insurance Group4184010/1/20151110.04%1.050
Eastguard Ins CoBerkshire Hathaway Group147022/1/20161090.04%1.250
Depositors Ins CoNationwide Group425871/1/20191070.04%1.344
BITCO Natl Ins CoOld Republic Group201093/1/20101060.04%1.262
United WI Ins CoBCBS of MI Group291573/1/20091050.04%1.690
T H E Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co128661/1/20191000.04%1.643
Sentry Select Ins CoSentry Insurance Group211804/1/2016930.03%1.851
Emcasco Ins CoEMC Insurance Group214071/1/2017880.03%1.280
Gray Ins CoGray Insurance Group363071/1/2016850.03%1.504
Alaska Natl Ins CoNational Amer Ins Co387331/1/2008830.03%1.620
Great Amer Ins Co of NY221361/1/2019770.03%1.470
Petroleum Cas Co12297N/A770.03%N/A
North River Ins CoFairfax Financial Group211053/1/2017760.03%1.199
AIG Prop Cas CoAmerican International Group194021/1/2018690.03%1.853
Great Northern Ins CoChubb Group203031/1/2019640.02%1.421
Starnet Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group400457/1/2013590.02%1.523
HDI Global Ins CoHannover Group413438/1/2011580.02%1.220
Massachusetts Bay Ins CoThe Hanover Insurance Group2230610/1/2015570.02%1.430
Chubb Natl Ins Co100521/1/2019560.02%0.888
Midwest Employers Cas CoWR Berkley Corporation Group236127/1/2013550.02%1.324
Cimarron Ins Co Inc204008/1/2018530.02%1.300
Fire Ins Exch216606/1/2019500.02%1.220
Plaza Ins Co30945N/A490.02%N/A
Westfield Natl Ins CoWestfield Group241206/1/2018480.02%1.259
American Automobile Ins Co218491/1/2018470.02%1.521
Association Cas Ins CoColumbia Insurance Group356291/1/2019440.02%2.000
General Cas Co Of WIQBE Insurance Group244143/1/2018440.02%1.870
Arrowood Ind Co24678N/A430.02%N/A
Bankers Standard Ins CoAce Insurance Group182791/1/2019390.01%2.025
Transguard Ins Co Of Amer IncIAT Reinsurance Company Group288861/1/2008380.01%1.470
Firemans Fund Ins CoAllianz Insurance Group218731/1/2018370.01%1.141
Mitsui Sumitomo Ins USA IncMS & AD Insurance Group225511/1/2019360.01%1.631
National Surety CorpAllianz Insurance Group218811/1/2018360.01%1.293
Federated Rural Electric Ins Exch11118N/A340.01%N/A
Stonington Ins CoQBE Insurance Group103403/1/2018330.01%1.020
MEMIC Ind CoMaine Employers Mutual Insurance Group110301/1/2017310.01%1.650
Foremost Ins Co Grand Rapids MIFarmers Insurance Group111851/1/2018310.01%1.566
American Interstate Ins CoAmerisafe Group318951/1/2009300.01%1.400
Berkshire Hathaway Direct Ins CoBerkshire Hathaway Group103911/1/2018280.01%1.200
Crum & Forster Ind CoFairfax Financial Group313483/1/2017250.01%1.693
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Ind CoOld Republic Group414244/1/2017240.01%1.237
Southern Ins CoDelek Group192161/1/2008200.01%1.708
Preferred Professional Ins CoCoverys Group362341/1/2008190.01%1.299
Republic Underwriters Ins CoAmTrust Financial Serv Group245381/1/2009180.01%1.366
Foremost Signature Ins CoFarmers Insurance Group415131/1/2018160.01%1.747
RLI Ins CoRLI Insurance Group130569/20/2012150.01%1.410
Mitsui Sumitomo Ins Co of AmerMS & AD Insurance Group203621/1/2019150.01%1.418
Republic Ind Co of CAAmerican Financial Group437531/1/2010150.01%1.550
American Ins CoAllianz Insurance Group218571/1/2018120.00%1.521
Executive Risk Ind Inc351811/1/201980.00%1.066
Cherokee Ins Co106421/1/201670.00%1.440
Peerless Ind Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group183332/1/200960.00%1.300
TNUS Ins CoTokio Marine Holdings Inc Group323015/10/200960.00%1.137
American Economy Ins CoLiberty Mutual Group196904/1/201760.00%1.260
Florists Mut Ins CoFlorists Mutual Group139781/1/201450.00%1.573
Atlanta Intl Ins Co209311/1/201850.00%1.940
General Ins Co Of AmerLiberty Mutual Group247328/1/200850.00%1.540
Employers Compensation Ins Co115121/1/201950.00%1.450
Greenwich Ins CoAXA Ins Group223221/1/201040.00%1.620
Williamsburg Natl Ins CoAmeriTrust Group Inc257804/1/201040.00%1.640
Riverport Ins CoWR Berkley Corporation Group366848/1/201720.00%1.440
AIU Ins Co193991/1/201810.00%1.121
Pacific Employers Ins Co227481/1/201910.00%1.154
Foremost Prop & Cas Ins CoFarmers Insurance Group118001/1/201810.00%1.997
National Union Fire Ins Co Of PittsAmerican International Group194451/1/201810.00%1.724
Commercial Cas Ins Co322801/1/201810.00%0.960
Phone: 1-855-4ASK-OSI (1-855-427-5674)
1120 Paseo de Peralta, Suite 428
Santa Fe, NM 87501