Vaccine Purchasing Act

Vaccine Purchasing Act

Welcome to the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance’s New Vaccine Purchasing Program Online Assessment Tool.

General Information

New Mexico’s Vaccine Purchasing Act (“the Act,” a PDF of which can be downloaded here), effective since 2015, ensures that all children in the state under the age of 19 have access to immunizations. The Act establishes a fund that enables the Department of Health (DOH) to purchase pediatric vaccines at the lowest price and to distribute them to providers at a low cost. The Act mandates that health insurance carriers and employers that offer self-funded, group health plans pay into the fund.

Under the Act, it is the responsibility of the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) to collect identifying information and the number of children under the age of 19 who were covered on December 31 of the preceding year, even if the number is zero. Excluded are children covered by Medicaid/CHIP or any other medical assistance program administered by DOH and those who are American Indians or Alaska Natives. OSI does not issue invoices or collect payment as those responsibilities belong to DOH.

If so arranged by an employer and its third-party administrator (TPA), the TPA may serve as the payer. OSI respectfully requests that stringent efforts be made to avoid duplicate reporting and payments.

Assessment Tool

If you are a VPP payer ready to complete the Assessment, please click here.

Note: OSI recommends using the Chrome web browser to complete the assessment, but please call OSI at 505-322-2186 for assistance with any browser.

Important: Pursuant to Subsection C of NMAC, a health insurer or employer with a self-funded group health plan that fails to file a report pursuant to Subsections B and C of NMAC shall pay a late filing fee of five hundred dollars ($500) per day for each day from the date the report was due.


For questions about reporting and the Assessment Tool, contact OSI:

Phone: 505-322-2186

For questions about billing and payment, contact DOH:

Phone:  505-827-2605

For further information about the Vaccine Purchasing Program, please visit

Phone: 1-855-4ASK-OSI (1-855-427-5674)
1120 Paseo de Peralta, Suite 428
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