Request a Public Record

How to make a Public Records Request:

Requests to inspect OSI public records or to obtain public records electronically may be made orally or in writing (including by email or fax) and shall provide the name, address and telephone number of the requester.

Requests should be made to the OSI Public Records Custodian (Custodian), Melissa Martinez. at and 505-476-0333.
The requester must identify the records sought with reasonable particularity, including stating the year or years from which the records are sought.


Requester’s Rights:

Every person has a right to inspect the public records of the Office of Superintendent except those records falling within the exceptions listed in the Inspection of Public Records Act (“IPRA”), found at1978 NMSA Sections 14-2-1 through 14-2-12.


OSI’s Duties:

The Custodian must permit the inspection immediately or as soon as practicable, no later than 15 days after receiving a written request. If the inspection is not permitted within 3 business days, the Custodian shall explain in writing when the records will be available for inspection or when the OSI will respond to the request. The 3-day period begins when the written request is delivered to the office of the Custodian. A person who is not the Custodian but receives an IPRA request must forward the request to the Custodian and notify the requester why he or she does not have the records, the records’ location and the name and address of the correct custodian.


OSI’s Copying Fees:

The OSI charges copying fees as follows:

  • $0.25 per page for copies made of original documents;
  • actual costs for downloading copies of public records to a computer disk or other storage device, including the actual cost of the disk or storage device;
  • actual costs of transmitting copies by mail, electronic mail or facsimile; and
  • no fee in excess of $1.00 per page for documents 11”x17” or smaller.

The OSI requires advance payment prior to providing the records and provides a receipt upon payment. The OSI does not charge a fee for the cost of determining whether any public record is subject to disclosure.

Phone: 1-855-4ASK-OSI (1-855-427-5674)
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