Welcome to the New Mexico Health Rate Review!

Your Voice Matters: Rate Review & Comment

Is your health insurance through beWellnm or healthcare.gov? If it is, then this is where you can take a look at the 2019 preliminary health insurance plans and rates submitted to the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance for approval. This website is designed to allow you to review the new plans submitted by specific carriers and comment on costs, benefits, and preferences for choices like copays versus deductibles. Our FAQ page may answer questions you may have about the process and help you learn how your comments can help improve health insurance for all New Mexicans.

INSTRUCTIONS: 3 easy steps to review plans and comment
STEP 1 - Search Rate Requests

Select a desired start date on the following page and hit Search to display all of the insurance companies that have submitted their plans. (Keep end date listed as today’s date)


STEP 2 - Select the plan

Find the plan that you currently have or are considering and view the details of the rate request.

STEP 3 - Submit comment

Click on the ‘comment field’ to leave your comments on why you agree/disagree with rate requests, what benefits of the plan you like and what you might like to see offered with the plan.

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