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What does the Office of Superintendent of Insurance do?

We ensure compliance of Insurance Statutes and Regulations under the New Mexico Insurance Code by all Insurance Companies, Agents, Adjusters, Third Party Administrators, and other insurance industry staff operating within the State.

We provide consumers and the insurance company staff members with information regarding the policies and procedures involving insurance within New Mexico.

In assisting consumers, the Consumer Assistance Bureau accepts complaints who are having difficulty in dealing with insurance companies regarding policy applications, binding of policies, claim handling and other matters involving insurance.

Please click on the applicable links to file a complaint with our agency:
Home, Auto & Life Insurance

Please click here to file a Home, Auto & Life Insurance related complaint form.

Managed Healthcare Complaint Form

The Managed Health Care Bureau will investigate this complaint to determine if there are any violations of the New Mexico
Insurance Code, Managed Health Care Rule or insurance policy language. Click here to submit the complaint.

Pharmacy Benefits Complaint

Click here to submit a complaint to the Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

“Pharmacy Benefits Manager” means a person or a wholly or partially owned or controlled subsidiary of a person that provides claims administration, benefit design and management, pharmacy network management, negotiation and administration of product discounts, rebates and other benefits accruing to the pharmacy benefits manager or other prescription drug or device services to third parties, but “pharmacy benefits manager” does not include licensed health care facilities, pharmacies, licensed health care professionals, health insurers, unions, health maintenance organizations, Medicare advantage plans or prescription drug plans when providing formulary services to their patients, employees, members or beneficiaries;

Provider Complaint Form

Click here to submit the Insurance Health Care Provider Complaint Form.

The New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance investigates health care provider complaints filed against health care insurers such as health maintenance organizations, individual health plans, group and blanket plans, provider service networks, non-profit healthcare plans, and third-party payers or their agents that provide, offer or administer health benefit plans subject
to the insurance laws and regulations of this state. The Superintendent can assist with grievances regarding provider termination, discrimination, credentialing, timely payment of claims and other provider concerns in regards to the operations of the health insurer or plan.

Title Insurance Complaint Form

Title Insurance Bureau processes all complaints involving Title Insurance in New Mexico. Click here to submit the complaint.

For all other generic questions, concerns, and complaints please click here.


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