Examinations Bureau

Examinations Bureau

The Examinations Bureau of the Office of Superintendent of Insurance conducts all statutorily required financial condition examinations of domestic companies and financial analysis of all quarterly and annual statements. In addition, the Bureau conducts targeted, limited scope and market conduct examinations and performs market analysis reviews.

Invoices for Fees and Assessments

NOTE: The Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) has switch all Annual Statement Filing Fee payments to be processed electronically through an ACH Credit.

ALL companies will be required to make the Annual Statement Filing Fee payment by ACH Credit. OSI will no longer accept checks and the information to set up the ACH Credit will be emailed to you. When paying the Annual Statement Fee, a separate ACH Credit must be submitted and should NOT be combined with PREMIUM TAXES or ANY OTHER FEES.

No later than January 15, 2020 the Annual Statement Fee invoices will be available for companies to download off the OSI Website (https://www.osi.state.nm.us/) under Depatments/Examinations. Chrome or Firefox is preferred for downloading the Annual Statement Fee Invoices. The website will have updates as needed.

For ACH Credit information please email Dawn.Terrell@state.nm.us or Maria.Soto@state.nm.us

Click here for Annual Statements Invoices

Annual & Quarterly  Domestic Company Statements

Annual & Quarterly Statements (2019)
Annual & Quarterly Statements (2018)
Annual & Quarterly Statements (2017)
Annual & Quarterly Statements (2016)

Glossary of Terms

Domestic Insurance Company: A domestic insurance company is incorporated according to the laws of the state and is domiciled within the state.

Domicile State: A domicile state is the state in which an insurance company has its principal legal residence.

Financial Condition Examination: Financial condition examinations are conducted on a periodic basis for all domestic insurance companies. The periodic basis is every three years for all health maintenance organizations and every five years for all other domestic insurance companies. A schedule for financial condition examinations can be located here.

Limited Scope Examination: Limited scope examinations are narrowly focused with a specific purpose and are conducted upon the call of the Superintendent of Insurance.

Market Conduct Examinations: Market conduct examinations are risk-based and concentrate upon business practices within a specific marketplace. They can be performed because of an increase in complaints or information from other resources and are conducted upon the call of the Superintendent of Insurance.

Targeted Examination: Targeted examinations are conducted because of special circumstances where there has been an indication either through financial analysis or from another source that the department may want to conduct an examination outside of the statutory due date. These examinations are conducted upon the call of the Superintendent of Insurance.

Solvency: Solvency is a minimum standard of financial health for an insurance company, where assets exceed liabilities.

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