Financial Audit Bureau

Financial Audit Bureau

The Financial Audit Bureau is responsible for the collection, processing, and auditing of premium tax filings received by all authorized insurers in the state of New Mexico. All insurers authorized to transact business in New Mexico, including property bondsmen, self-insureds, title companies, and risk retention groups are subject to premium tax on a quarterly basis.

The Financial Audit Bureau no longer handles Fraud Assessments- Please contact the Fraud Bureau for all Fraud Assessment questions- 505-476-0560

Electronic Filing Required

July 1, 2018, the estimated quarterly premium tax forms and instructions were made available for companies to file and make payments online.

*Companies are required to e-file their premium tax reports either through Premium Pro Enterprise or online at New Mexico E-file.

Companies are required to e-file their premium tax reports utilizing their NAIC and SBS # (NM Company Number). Bail bonds may file leaving the NAIC area blank and providing the FEIN or SBS # associated with your company.

*All Self-Insured and Worker’s Compensation Companies: E-file is not available for you at this time, please submit your paper filings as done in the past.

Electronic Payment Required:

Premium Tax taxpayers are given the option to pay any tax due via ACH (credit) or E-check (debit) through the Tritech website. Please note that all E-check payments are subject to a $3.00 processing fee.

To initiate an ACH credit payment to the Office of Superintendent’s bank account, you will need to contact your financial institution. Make sure your financial institution is able to create a TXP record, which is a national banking standard. If your payment does not contain a TXP Addenda or is incorrect, your payment will be returned to you as unprocessed. The link below for additional information.

ACH Information

For further information and instructions, please click here.

Premium Tax Due Dates

  • Premium Tax 1st Quarters are due on April 15th every year.
  • Premium Tax 2nd Quarters are due on July 15th of every year.
  • Premium Tax 3rd Quarters are due on October 15th of every year.
  • Premium Tax 4th Quarters are due on January 15th of every year.
  • Premium Tax Finals for the previous calendar year are due April 15th (i.e. 2018 Finals Due April 15th, 2019)

Estimated quarterly Forms will be available on the 1st of the month of the due date (i.e. 1st Quarter Forms due April 15 will be available online on April 1.) The 2018 Final annual return will be made available by April 1st, 2019

NOTE: The Financial Audit Bureau will not accept paper filings or forms created by the taxpayer.

Surplus Line Insurers

Electronic Filings Required

Surplus Line Forms and Instructions will be available online at: The cost will be $5.00 per filing.

 If you have amendments to be filed you will need to submit them through TriTech starting November 1, 2019.  The cost will be $5.00 per filing.

Surplus Line Premium Tax Filings Due Dates:

  • Quarter 1 – Due on or before May 30th – (month 1-3) – Accept filings starting May 1st.
  • Quarter 2 – Due on or before August 29th – (month 4-6) – Accept filings starting August 1st.
  • Quarter 3 – Due on or before November 29th – (month 7-9) – Accept filings starting November 1st.
  • Quarter 4 – Due on or before March 1st – (month 10-12) – Accept filings starting February 1st.


Electronic Quarterly Forms Instructions for All Filings

Electronic Payment Required

The Surplus Line Premium Tax Filings will be paid electronically, via ACH Debit, ACH Credit, or Wire.

For payment by E-Check/ACH Debit the link to pay will be on the TriTech site where you file the Surplus Line Forms.  The cost will be a $3.00 payment processing fee.

For Payments by ACH Credit or Wire there will be no charge and to get the payment and Addenda information contact Patricia Martinez  or Lea Geckler here or click on the Surplus Line Additional Information for more Addenda information.

Important Notices and Bulletins

Effective January 1, 2020, Premium Tax collection will be managed through the NM Taxation and Revenue Department under NMSA CHAPTER 7- TAXATION


Address Information

Complete the form below if your company has a change of address, contact information, or would like to inform Office of Superintendent of Insurance of an address for a specific assessment.

Address Change/Update Form

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