Instructions - Premium Guides

Please select a Guide from one of the five choices shown on the left. You will be presented with various risk characteristics that are the most common factors used to rate a Insurance policy. Select the "best" risk characteristic that most closely matches your situation. The characteristic may not match your situation exactly, but they provide a way to compare premiums.

After your selections, please submit your selctions using the "Submit" button. The result will be a listing of "average" premiums by insurance company by insurance company group. These insurance companies represent the largest writers in New Mexico.

You can sort the results by premium, insurance company and group. Premium amounts shown as "NA" represent a company that will not write your risk. Clicking on a row will show you the following information for each company:

The data for the Premium Guides are current as of August 26, 2013.

Instructions - Worker's Compensation Guide

The Worker's Compensation Guide shows the latest Loss Cost Multipliers filed by each company representing 95% of the total New Mexico Worker's Compensation market. The results are shown for each insurance comapany and can optionally be shown for each insurance group by selecting the "Group View" button. The results can be printed and saved to Excel.

The data for the Worker's Compensation Guide are current as of September 1, 2015.

Comparison Guides