Service of Process Instructions

If an Insurance Company is doing business in the state of New Mexico, Service of Process is done by the Office of Superintendent of Insurance who is the Registered Agent. If the company is not doing business in New Mexico you can send it to the Superintendent of Insurance for that company’s home state of domicile.

We do not process service of process to Agents, Agencies or Adjusters. You can serve them yourself.

Customers making payments to the OSI:

If you have an inquiry on a company doing business in New Mexico, please call Stephanie Perea at 505-827-4241 or E-Mail at

List of Items

  • We need two (2) copies of every document (summons, complaint, interrogatories etc.)

  • Summons and Subpoenas must read: TO: Name of Insurance Company>
    C/O Office of Superintendent of Insurance or
    C/O John G. Franchini, Superintendent of Insurance

  • The only time we need three copies is when there is a Subpoena or Subpoena Duces Tecum.

  • A check for $20 is to be made out to Office of Superintendent of Insurance. We accept business and personal checks, and money orders. We do not accept CASH and we are NO longer part of the PRC.

  • self-addressed stamped envelope (letter size envelope and current Postage) to return your Certificate of Acceptance of Service which is one page.

  • Go to our web site above the Superintendents picture is a link marked Company/Agent Search. Clink on the link which will redirect you to our search engine. Put the name of the insurance company in the Company Name box and search for the proper name of the company. This gives you the proper full name to put on our summons or subpoena avoiding having to Amend later and gets mailed to the proper company.

  • Service of Process can be Mailed Regular Mail to:
    Office of Superintendent of Insurance
    Attn: Service of Process
    P.O.Box 1689
    Santa Fe, NM 87504-1689

Contact Information

Office of Superintendent of Insurance
Service of Process
P.O.Box 1689
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1689

Superintendent as process agent

Sections 59A-5-31 and 59A-5-32

Appointment of Superintendent as process agent. (1984)