No. The federal employee health plan is subject to federal law and not New Mexico State law, as provided by Title 5, United States Code §8914, Government Organization and Employees.
Submit a Request for Public Records form by fax to 505-827-4734 or by mail to:
Office of Superintendent of Insurance
OSI Public Records Custodian
P.O. Box 1689
Santa Fe, NM 87504
If your insurance company initially denies a medical claim, you have a right to appeal their decision. Under federal law, you are entitled to an “internal appeal” and an “external review.” In both instances, the insurance company must re-visit their decision to deny the claim and provide you with a clear, impartial justification for their decision. The appeals process can be confusing contact The Managed Health Care Bureau for additional information.
Yes, Long-Term Care Insurance is coverage for the assistance you may need when you are not able to do some of the basic “activities of daily living” (ADL’s) like bathing, dressing or moving from bed to chair. Such insurance sold in the state of New Mexico is under the jurisdiction of OSI.
Yes. It is life insurance coverage that pays burial expenses upon the death of an insured.
No.A provision in the New Mexico Administrative Code protects borrowers and purchasers from being required to purchase insurance as a condition of receiving a loan.
For Medicare inquires, contact 1-800-638-6833.
For Medicaid inquiries, contact the NM Human Services Department’s at (505) 827-3100or toll-free at 1-888-997-2583.

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