Pharmacy Benefits Manager Complaint Form

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Mailing Address:
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Contact Telephone: Fax: Email:
Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) compliant is about:
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Type of Issue:Please describe in detail on additional sheets if required and provide all supporting documentation.

License- See Section 59A-61-3, NMSA 1978:
Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) - See Section 59A-61-4, NMSA 1978:
Contract - See Section 59A-61-5, NMSA 1978:
Audit - See Section 59A-61-6, NMSA 1978:
Transaction Fees - See Section 59A-61-7, NMSA 2017:

The information contained within is confidential and shall not be disclosed or otherwise provided to anyone not a party to the complaint except the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance. .


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